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Danny Thompson's Challenger II Land Speed Record car, clocked
by SCTA at 419 MPH average, 424 MPH top speed (Aug 2014) on its 5th run.

Car ready for first test runs at Bonneville (July 2014). Gibson was very
pleased with all the work that was done, i.e. new steering, front drive line,
clutches, mini zoomies, engine ducting, Gibson Wheels, and of course
Gibson's aerodynamics.

Staging lanes, ready to run (Aug 2014). New tail and overal
body shape vs. CG location shows good stability margin. Bonneville is
like running in the ultimate wind tunnel. Blockage ratio = 0.0%.

Gibson with car, headed to staging lanes (Aug 2014).

Gibson checks the salt conditions (Aug 2014). Traction on the
salt is extremely weather dependent. The car design must
accomodate varying track conditions.

Gibson with Seth Hammond's Lakester. Video cameras had been mounted
to temporary framework to record air flow characteristics during test runs.

Gibson was able to use his aerodynamic engineering with the design of laminar
flow front wings which provides aerodynamic balance with very low drag.

The car is ready to run. Note upper and lower tail fins
designed by Gibson for yaw stability and low drag.

As of 2014, the car currently holds the SCTA records for AA, A, and
B/Fuel Lakester (over 320 MPH), and the AA, A, and B/Gas Lakester records.

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